Hello, my name is Bethan Downing and I am a third year Ecology student at Bangor University.

This blog will be home to my seminar write ups, as well as the various workshops that I attend as part of my ‘Bioscience and Employability’ module.

Like most young and future conservationists,  my interest in the natural world was sparked by Sir David Attenborough and the passion that he has for the wildlife that share the planet with us.

During my time at Bangor, I have consistently seeked out new experiences, be it joining and eventually becoming secretary of the Birding and wildlife society or going on the second Florida in my second year. These experiences have allowed me to learn about myself and the world around me.

The aim of this blog is to show second year students who are contemplating this module what it is like in the hope that it will encourage them to take this module.