The interview and assessment centre took place immediately after the Careers cafe segment of the day. I thought that this was helpful, as it allowed me to put the advice that I was given in the previous session to the test. Also, it allowed me to put my interview skills to the test. Like most people, I despise interview situations due to the nerves that accompany them, so this was an ideal time for some practise.

The first thing that was done was that we were split into groups. Once this was done we were informed that one member of the group would be the interviewee, whilst the rest of the group would be interviewers. These roles were rotated to ensure that everyone was interviewed once.

The Interviewee

To my surprise, I found my stint as the person being interviewed to be easier than I had first feared. I thought that my answers were reasonable and feel that the experience has given me some reassurance about the interview process for the future. I would have liked to be given a job to ‘interview’ for, as looking back on it, my answers were rather general as there was no set criteria that I had to aim for.

The Interviewer

As an interviewer, I was surprised at how well the other members of my group responded to the questions that were asked. Some were clearly nervous, but everyone answered well and attempted to expand on the answers to the questions.

Belbin Self Perception Inventory

The second part of the workshop involved us filling in a Belbin Self Perception Inventory to see which of the ‘team roles’ we most identified with. Belbin have found that there are nine different behaviours that people display whilst at work, and claim that for a workplace to be successful, a group of workers should be a mixture of the nine different roles. The majority of people have two or three roles, but identifying a person’s roles can only be done by taking a Belbin Self Perception Inventory test.

The process required us to rank a series of statements about ourselves between 0 to 10, with 0 being that the statement did not apply to you and 10 being that it strongly applied to you. After answering all the questions, the scores are added up and the highest score is the role that you are most like.


I was found to be a combination of a Plant and a team worker, which fits me rather well. I was surprised by the accuracy of the test as these kind of tests are usually rather questionable.

My thoughts

Overall, I found both segments of this workshop to be incredibly helpful in giving advice when it comes to interviewing for jobs. I think that being able to practise my interview technique has allowed me to be able to refine it, and taking the Belbus test allowed me to look at what aspects of my behaviour that I need to improve in the future.